ROP NNF Screening Guidelines

The National Neonatology Forum of India or NNF Clinical Practice Guidelines state that screening for ROP should be performed in all preterm neonates  who fulfil the following criteria

Whom to Screen?

  • Babies born < 34 weeks gestation age and/or < 1750 grams birth weight
  • Larger babies can also be screened till 34-36 weeks gestation age or 1750-2000 grams birth weight if they have risk factors for ROP.
When to Screen?
  • The first retinal examination should be done within first 4 weeks of age or 30 days of life in infants born ≥ 28 weeks of gestational age.
  • Smaller babies born < 28 weeks gestation age or < 1200 grams birth weight should be screened early, by 2-3 weeks of age, to detect APROP.